Original Book of Ra Classic: The most epic Novomatic Slot Adventures Online

Book of Ra is a classic video slot machine developed by Novomatic AG's online business unit in 2005. The original version derives from one of the most popular and successful Gaminator arcade game of the same name from the eighties. The game's storyline and theme depicts the adventures of an archaeologist traveling to ancient Egypt in quest of the secret oath hidden in the magical Book of “Ra”. Book of Ra Slot is your free ticket into the world of Egyptian mythology, mystics and wild adventures.

Laced with amazing graphics, and captivating background musics to skyrocket your adrenaline and sensations, this Gaminator slot classic is said to have some of the most lucrative reels ever found on slot machine. The original version of the game also known as Book of Ra Classic, which is the subject of our review on this page is made of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 paylines.

There are 2 main options to play Book of Ra™ Online or its variants:
  • The first option is to practice your skills on the free demo version below.
  • The second option is to pick one of the thoroughly reviewed, tested, and recommended Novoline online casinos featured on the table. If your intention is to play with real money for a chance to win big, the second option is the best for you.
In this Book of Ra Classic Review article. We have tried to present information is a structured manner to favor an easy and smooth navigation. For a clearer understanding of the page structure, its commanded to refer to the table of content in order to pin point the most relevant information according to your personal needs.However, the avid players' curiosity is guaranteed to be satisfied. We have covered pretty much every important aspect and information that players need to know about Book of Ra online and all its variants. Here is an overview of the sections we have elaborated on further down the page, to help players relive the memories of the most thrilling experience for fans of Gaminator slots and Online Casinos:

  • Play online for free without registration.
  • Top Novoline online casinos of the moment.
  • Best promotions, bonus offers & latest News.
  • New Book of Ra tips, tricks, and tests.
  • How to play: Symbols, Rules, FAQ, Mobile, Apps, and Payouts.
  • Visual Guides: Infographics, Trailer Videos, PDFs and more.
  • Information: Volatility, Security, and Payment Methods.

Play Book of Ra Classic Free Demo without Registration:

Play Book of Ra Classic Demo Flash

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An Introduction to Book of Ra, as the most epic slot machine of all times.

Book of Ra slot machine has been very popular since the Gaminator arcade games prime time era in the eighties. The Game narrates the story of the greatest Egyptian god "Ra" and his loyal priest, who created a ritual book in ancient times and divided it into three parts kept in secret places to prevent its use by evil spirits until the coming of the judgment day.

Today with the coming of the digital age and technological progress, Physical Gaminator arcade games are less frequent and harder to access for some passionate players. The technological evolution driven the introduction of internet networks into the average households, gave birth to a new wave of companies that took advantage of the circumstances to adapt popular arcade games like Book of Ra slot. There was the birth of a new industry specialized on re-releasing the most profitable games on digital (electronic) platforms in land-based casinos and online platforms.

Novomatic AG is a excellent example of the quick transformation that took place in the casino industry. Today the company's name is mentioned among the leading casino software providers. Many expert in the industry commonly agree that, the market transformation and growth is still ongoing and evolving as the consumption of slot machines today in 2018, is valued in billions of dollars. Currently, there are more than 400 video slots, and other popular casino games variations released by Novomatic under the sub-company Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions as of 2018.

Few things you should definitely know before starting!

Some of the main characteristics that distinguishes Book of Ra slot machine from other Novoline games are essentially its extremely well polished graphics, the simplicity of the gameplay rules, and a classic storyline ,that still draws hundreds of thousands new players around the world on a daily basis despite a fierce competition by more recent and modern slots. It is a known fact that, players of slot machines have always been dawned to adventure themed machines, and Book of Ra is no exception.

One of the key factor behind the incredible success story of this game is the pure charm of a mystical treasure hunt, taking players back to ancient worlds, where each person get a chance to live their wildest adventurous fantasies they could ever dream of. It is more than evident today that, the average online casino player is looking for more than just the sensation of spinning slot reels on a screen or making some quick money.

On the contrary, besides the obvious dream of winning a Book of Ra jackpot, players long for a sense of evasion from everyday life and concerns. These simple but effective characteristics are what make for most of the success encountered by slot machines based on themes such as the "Egyptian Mythology" or "Ancient civilizations".

Game Information:

Book of Ra Classic game information and characteristics
  • Game Software: Novomatic
  • Game Slot Type: Video slots
  • Number of Paylines: 9 Paylines
  • Number of Reels: 5 Reels
  • Min Coins Per Line: 1 Coin
  • Max Coin Size Per Line: 1 Coin
  • Max Bet: 100 Coins
  • RTP Percentage: 96%

How to play Book of Ra: Rules, Symbols, Instructions and Game info

Performing a simple search query on the browser such as "Book of Ra how to win", "play Book of Ra online for real money" or "book of Ra online free" should be a good enough reason why you should play this amazing slot machine to make a few bucks. Many people are searching for instruction and guides on how to play this game, because they believe that there is a real potential in it.

The main objective of the game is to land 2 to 5 similar symbols on a payline to win profits. 5 Books or 5 archaeologist symbols sends the player into the free spins bonus round. The winnings from adjacent symbols on the paylines are validated only if they are aligned from left to right and not the other way around. To get a fair chance of winning if you really want to play online while following the rules, its recommended to know the main symbols featured in the game.

The rules and symbols are pretty simple to grasp. The most important illustrations are the symbols that represent, among other things, the pyramids of the pharaohs, the archaeologist, the Book, the scarab, and the golden beetle. These characters play different roles and have different values on the paytable. Such symbols can correspond to the Scatter, represented by the Book or the Wildcard, depicted by the archaeologist image.

A list of the main symbols and characters, sorted by importance and value:

  • Deck of Cards: J, Q, 10, K, and A - Game SymbolFirst we have the lowest winning symbols: J, Q, 10, K, A, representing the Jack, the number Ten, the Queen, the King and the Ace. For these characters, players need to land at least 3 of each symbol on a payline to win profits ranging from 5 to 150 coins.
  • The Sacred Beetle of Egypt - Game SymbolThe Second winning tokens in the hierarchy are the Egyptian mythology symbols: The sacred beetle of Egypt and the Deity mother of the Sun god "RA" pay respectively 5 to 750 coins depending on the number of identical symbols on the paylines. For those symbols, two identical characters on the Payline is enough to earn a minimum profit.
  • Golden Sarcophagus of the Pharaoh - Game SymbolIn third position, in our hierarchy, we have the golden sarcophagus of the Pharaoh, this icon is worth more  5 to 2000 coins. Landing a combination of at least sarcophagi in the correct order can generate a profit of up to 40 coins.
  • The Archaeologist - Game SymbolIn fourth position, we have the most valuable piece which is the Archaeologist, with profits that go from 10 to 5000 coins. The Archaeologist also serves as the Wildcard filling in the gaps, and replacing other symbols on the payline to complete the set. With 5 identical archaeologist symbols on a payline, players can win up to five 5000 times the initial bet amount.
  • The Book - Game SymbolFinally, in the fifth position we have the ultimate special feature in the game which is nothing other than the hidden Book of secrets. This symbol pays between 2 to 200 coins. But, the "Book of Ra" symbol is also used as a Scatter and Wildcard, which gives it more value over the rest of the characters from the Egyptian mythology. Landing 3 or more icons on the payline activates the bonus round game with 10 free spins to collect additional profits for free, without consuming your initial betting credit. If the book reappears during the 10 free spins bonus round, it acts as a scatter to ensure even big winnings!

To help you quickly find your path to the hidden treasure of the Book, most online casinos with Book of Ra slot online feature a help menu on the game's page, where its possible to find some easy game instructions on "how to beat Book of Ra slot machine?".

INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy of a Novoline Book of Ra slot machine explained

Infographic - The anatomy of a Novoline Book of Ra slot machine explained
INFOGRAPHIC: Inside the Book of Ra Slot Machine.

Few of the select Novoline Online Casinos with Book of Ra Online you should check>>

play-book-of-ra-online.com online casinos review trust seal & certificationClear signs of a brighter day are showing for Book of Ra slot machine fans today. For a very long time, there where only a hand full of online casinos offering Novoline games on the internet due the strict marketing strategy of from the developer company. However, with the multitude of online brands and a less restrictive strategy from its developers, this classic slot machine made its way from arcade game halls to the digital world.

Nowadays, it is possible to play directly from our Mobile phones or Desktops, with a flash browser or through a third party casino applications without the need to download additional softwares. The Classic Book of Ra slot and all its variants and alternatives are now available both in land-based casinos, as well as in certain online casinos. The only setback is that, the number of variants available mostly depend on Country and location of the player.

In your search for the perfect casino, you can also come across very attractive offers and promotions such as match deposit bonus, Free spins, no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, real money and other types of promotions. This gifts are essentially baits designed attract new players. For from being a bad thing, the main purpose of these online casino offers is to enrich and improve the gaming experience for players. Besides Book of Ra, you can also enjoy a full range of other amazing online slot machines provided by Novomatic & Partners.

Here is a list of Brands featuring at least one of the popular variants:

  • Quasar Gaming
  • OVO Casino
  • Energy Casino
  • Netbet Casino
  • Spin Palace
  • Viks casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Stargames
  • or recently with some of the biggest online gambling industry giants Bet365 Casino and Bwin.

The advantages of playing online vs land based casinos

 Novoline Casinos with Book of Ra online real moneyPlaying book of Ra online has several benefits compared to the playing at land-based casinos. Players have a much higher chance of winning in the online version, due to promotions (Bonus, Free money) offered by online casinos. In addition, they have access to various demo and Book of Ra flash versions of the game like what we currently offer here on play-book-of-ra-online.com. Players can enjoy a full-featured version, where they can play Book of Ra free as much as they like, and all without having to make a deposit, sign up, download the software or any third party Applications.

In the recent years, like in many internet based industries, we are witnessing in real time the adoption of cryptocurrencies as means of payment by certain Novomatic Bitcoin Casinos. The most exciting concept behind Bitcoin Casinos is that, they offer the possibility of playing anonymously from any location in the world in all security. Therefore, bypassing most of the regulations and laws regarding the online gambling industry.

But, if your objective is to grab the Online Book of Ra big win in real money mode while you play online, and maybe hope to hit the Jackpot, you can simply create an account in one of the online casino brands listed in the table above. We have compiled a review list of the top online casinos with Book of Ra online slot, where real money play is possible in 2018. All featured casinos on the site are official Novoline games distributors. Depending on the provider, there are often different amounts of free spins or free bonuses offered as a welcome bonus.

The free money is placed directly in the player's account after registration, to allow new users to get accustomed to the different rules and symbols. All without taking the risk of losing real money, even though the winnings obtained while playing the free demo version or with free gifts will be subject to withdrawal restrictions or other types of conditions established by the brand.

Book of Ra ClassicNowadays, with the vast amount of tips and tricks found directly on the internet, chances of getting a big win on this game have drastically increased. Feel free to try your luck and explore the adventures of the Austrian Archaeologist yourself. But first, make sure you pick the right online casino form the table above, to play in all security, with a maximum of joy, fun and excitement.

What are the best Book of Ra Tricks and Tips? >>

Best Tips for Book of Ra:

Book of Ra slot machine tips and tricksAppreciate the simple pleasures of playing.

Book of Ra online tricks Pick the best Bonus, payment methods, security.

Book of Ra slot tricksRead Game instructions.

Book of Ra tricksLearn more on our dedicated page!

Book of Ra classic Tricks can be found on many websites online today. Because of that fact, one can assume that it’s easy to increase his chances of winning on this slot machine. But if we look at it from a rational point of view, these tricks may not be all true, after all since there is no real way to directly verify the authenticity of these strategic tips to win videos and articles online. In this modern day and age, there is a constant technological progress in every aspect of the gambling industry, whether for the improvement of casino games quality and security or for new ways to manipulate and trick the odds of the machines' random number generator in hope of a Book of Ra big win.

book of Ra classic tricks and tipsAll those factors push casino games software developers such as Novoline, to improve the quality and security features of the products they released on the market. Under these circumstances and constraints, most companies constantly optimize the games to counter of kinds of schemes and slot machines manipulations used on popular games like Mega Moolah, or Mega Fortune. We will, however, admit that there are on the other hand many Book of Ra cheats tricks and strategies advertised online as well as on YouTube that one can apply while playing, to bend the odds the right way and win over the machine. The final decision relies on the individual judgment of the player when it comes to making the decision to try one strategy over the other. Some basic strategies and a case study are, however, introduced in the corresponding page on the site.

Here are the top Book of Ra slot online strategies you could use:

  • Selecting the maximum amount of paylines in accordance with your budget of course.
  • Not to hesitate in selecting the gamble option, for chances of multiplying the profits.
  • Practice and patience is a great ally, in your quest to master your a gambling system that works.

NB: All the strategies, tips and tricks mentioned above do not guarantee a Book of Ra Jackpot or a big win at 100%. So your success in the game depends entirely on the game's pre-programmed software algorithms, your knowledge of the game, and your basic skills as slot player.

Bonus, Offers and Promotions >>

book of ra classic bonusIf you want to play online Book of Ra, and wish to receive an great bonus percentage on your deposit, It’s totally possible. The bonus amount depends more on the online casino you have chosen to register with. since there is a wide variety of options depending on everyone’s preferences and other different factors like, "what a player look for in a casino". Some casinos offer a special welcome bonus exlusively deditacted for players of the our game of interest. Futuriti casino gifts 100 Free Spins to newly registered player to try out Novolmaric slot machines, while others simply offer a match deposit bonus.

In addition to the Book of Ra Classic bonus, many casinos offer the opportunity to play Book of Ra free demo for some time in fun mode. The winnings may be then credited to the player's account as comp points, which in turn can be exchanged for real money. The exchange rates are pretty low, so you should expect something like 1000 comp points to make 1 real money in your local currency. You also have other promos like the no deposit bonus or the Cashback Bonus, which is often a percentage of the deposited amount given back to the player in form of a real money bonus. These different offers help maximize the play time of the initially deposited money and increase the chances of winning.

There are special bonus rounds in the 3 deluxe versions of this awesome Novoline slot series, and in Book of Ra Classic version as well. If you get at least 3 times the Book symbol on a payline, you receive 10 free spins which start automatically after you choose the special bonus symbol for this particular free round. In case the chosen symbol appears again 3 times on a pay line during the bonus game, the player gets additional 10 free spins and sees his profits increase drastically. After the bonus round is over, the game resumes its normal course exactly where it was left off.

Play Book of Ra online for real money

Play Book of Ra real moneyPlaying online with virtual money (Demo mode) and to play Book of Ra online for real money is not the same at all. In fact, this shouldn’t even be a discussion, as we all know that the feeling and excitement of placing a bet is more intense when real money is at stake. There is a saying that claims that money makes the world go around. And whether we like it or not, thinking otherwise can be detrimental in certain cases. A quick research on the internet is enough to find real stories of online casino players who made their fortunes on a slot machine by playing with real money.

Plus, at times, the disappointment is huge when you get a big win then realize that you were indeed playing the free Book of Ra Demo and therefore cannot claim the money because it’s not the real deal. It is proven that the chances of winning at Book of Ra online real money while playing on an internet casino are much higher than on a given classic arcade game or land-based gambling facilities. In conclusion, playing with real money is always the best option if you wish to get much more than the satisfaction of spinning the reels and rotating icons. We offer a great variety of Novoline casinos for you to choose from on the site.

Book of Ra Free Play: How to save some money while still having fun?

play book of ra online for real moneyYou can play Book of Ra flash game online for free without registration at Quasar Gaming, Futuriti Casino and Casumo and others. On the contrary, there is no Book of Ra free flash game to play without registration at StarGames Casino as far as we know. Many players prefer Energy Casino, Bell Fruit, or Viks Casino where they have the chance to enjoy the flash game with virtual money or any other custom currencies created by the brand. And all that without having to sign up or make the first deposit. Sometimes in certain brands, there may be only a brief and limited time to place few free bets on the machine, before being prompted to register and play for real money.

Another option available to users for a chance to play the Book of Ra online free slots thrilling adventure, is to visit a tier or portal website based on the niche like us at play-book-of-ra-online.com. As you can see if you haven't already noticed, we understand the history of this game and the attachment that players have for it. Therefore, we feature in collaboration with some of our Novoline casino partners, fully functional free Book of Ra demo games to play for fun. Basically everyone is able to play using the Novoline's Flash game providers, unless there is an IP restriction applied by Country in which the player is located. All for the personal enjoyment and the pleasure of serving our visitors.

Playing Book of Ra with real money is always going to be our first recommendation. Simply because of the tremendous opportunities of winning real cash you have in this particular game. But, if for whatever reasons you decide otherwise, meaning you wish to play for fun, let it at least be for the reasons below:

  • You are trying out the game for the very first time, and you do not have any experience or knowledge of the game's instructions and rules.
  • You are only here for the fun factor, and do not wish to play Book of Ra for real money and accept the risk of possible losses.
  • You wish to play pressure free. Sometimes, playing with real money, high pumping adrenaline, or with high stakes can be hard to endure for certain players.
  • As a cautious player, “we won’t blame you for that” you are not comfortable enough to make a deposit online with the proposed payment methods or with the security measures in place for the transactions.

Other than for the reasons above, make sure to understand the ins and outs of the machine, and jump into the real money action for a chance to win real cash you could use for your other activities or vacations.

Claim a Welcome Bonus to play with real money at NetBet Casino:

netbet casino welcome bonus

NetBet Casino

NetBet Casino Welcome Bonus: Register today and start off with the following welcome bonus package: Get 50 FREE SPINS as a no deposit bonus, plus 100% match bonus Up to €200 on your first deposit of €10 Only!

What are the main and most popular variants?.

Book of Ra Classic

Online Casino Book of Ra classic

This is the original and first version in the series, released on the 7th of March 2005. The graphics in the game are from the year 2005, and that explains why it has a little bit of old school look compared to most video slot machines we see today. Considering that Book of Ra Classic has been release more than a decade ago, which is quite an accomplishment for the developers as the game is still relevant and much appreciated many years later. Some of the new school players consider this version as outdated and less exiting even though the games's reels and paylines are still as generous as before. It is true that the competition is becoming fiercer everyday with the arrival of new slot machines variants like Video Poker Slots, Progressive Jockpot Slots, and 3D Slots.

Nevertheless, many pationate fans still continue to play what some might consider the old Book of Ra classic version both online and offline while enjoying excellent profit opportunities offered by the classic slot in many online casinos. The Overall Book of Ra classic reviews are genuinely positive and sincere. This original version has 5 reels of 3 rows each, and 9 Paylines.You can place bets between 1 and 100 coins at most.

Book of Ra Deluxe >>

Book of ra slot

This version, was an updated and improved variant of the classic version. It was released in April 11th, 2008. This variant is a also video slot, with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 Paylines. It features improved gameplay, and graphics based on the "Ancient Egyptian Mythology" theme, in which you have to find the treasures of the Pharaohs. This version of the game is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the some European Countries and the rest of the world.

this second installment is an enhanced version of the original classic, which has only 9 Paylines compared to 10 for Book of Ra Deluxe. This episode is very popular among online slots beginners and professionals players. No matter if you are playing on a Computer or Mobile, Book of Ra 2 presents itself as an innovative and sexy slot machine, not only for the looks but also by its generous reels which often transform players into big casino winners. Anyone who appreciates the classic variant and other Novoline slots should definitely try their luck with this machine.

Book of Ra Deluxe 6 >>

Book of ra slot

If you choose the Book of Ra Deluxe 6 as the version to play online, you should expect a payout ratio of over 95.5%. So, the odds are extremely high and well above what you usually get on the most slot machines.

For this third version released on August 31st, 2015, players choose to play with 6 reels by using the "Extra Bet" feature, or playing with only 5 reels like the classic number of reels featured on all other variants. Book of Ra 6 is, in fact, two games in one, which rather than replacing the older versions, it instead continues the series with a little twist. If you want to play with 6 reels which, of course makes for the charm of this variant you should keep in mind that playing with 6 reels requires a higher minimum bet amount than playing with 5 reels.

Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot Edition >>

book of ra slot machine

The latest version of the series Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot Edition, features one of the most loved and requested feature by online slot machine players today on the internet. The innovation team at Greentube has integrated a brand-new Jackpot feature to the popular deluxe version of the slot machine that followed the Book of Ra classic in the series. Comprised of 4 different mini jackpots. The mini jackpots game is triggered by collecting gold coins during the regular gameplay.

The Jackpot Edition variant of the series packs most of the known features, designs and options from its predecessors. Players are invited to place their bets on 5 reels, 10 paylines, and 3 rows. With a stroke of luck, the won profit amount can be doubled in the Gamble option or simply collected along with the gold coins in hopes of cracking the Jackpot feature.

Book of Ra Roulette>>

book of ra slot machine

Book of Ra Roulette is one of the latest and most innovative release yet in the series. It is developed by a UK based live casino games creator company affilaited to the novomatic group called ExtremeLive Gaming. The game is an hybrid between the well renowned Book of Ra classic slot and the European Roulette table game. All integrated into one single game in a live casino envirement.

Book of ra roulette is another successful attempt by the Austrian company, to offer a slightly different twist to the very popular original version of the game with the same name. The main purpose of this new game was to combine a full live roulette experience with the familiar characteristics and symbols of a slot machine. All while making sure to deliver excellent graphics, gameplay, security and playing experience. this roulette variant can be played online with a live casino dealer. The table features a regular roulette wheel and a single slot wheel where the symbols are displayed.

Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo>>

slot machines

Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo is the latest realease of the series by the Novomatic Group through Grenntube casino software. The game is the perfect hybrid between a video slot machine Book of Ra online "Deluxe", and the highly popular Latin Bingo. accasional Bingo players or curious fans, can catch the game at several online casinos already where juicy welcome bonuses and free spins are awaiting patiently.

Play Book of Ra Classic at Viks Casino:

Novomatic Book of Ra online slot machine

Viks Casino

Claim your Viks Casino Book of Ra Classic Welcome Bonus of 100% Up to a maximum value of €1000 on your first deposits! Join the legendary Viking's Novoline brand.

How to win Book of Ra Jackpot; dream or reality?

Book of Ra jackpotBook of Ra classic gaminator does not feature a progressive feature. Because this machine works 'only' in stand-alone mode. However, there is a possibility of getting significant gains from time to time. The maximum bet per line is 1 coin with a minimum profit of 5 coins.

With a little luck on your side and a bit of strategy, making it to the bonus round can be synonymous to a big win as you can collect up to 5000 times the initial bet. With so many slots with huge jackpots to offer around the internet, it is somehow understandable that more and more players are attracted to big prizes and the dream of becoming the next online casino millionaire.

Even though, there is no such thing as a Book of Ra classic Jackpot, the total amount of gains amassed can be very significant in some cases due in part to the volatility of this game. On the free version mode, obtaining higher profits is possible, because of the multipliers. The best winning combination is 5 archaeologists or 5 books on a payline.

If you are still set on putting your hands on the big prize, you can choose as an alternative, the Deluxe Jackpot Edition version, which features not one but four distinct Book of Ra jackpots. You can with all 4 prizes one after the other, simply by collecting golden coins during the gameplay.

A Short history of the biggest Jackpot ever won on an online slot machine!

The biggest Jackpot ever recorded in the history of slot machines is really something straight out of Hollywood movie. As the fuel to the little flame burning deep in every person that ever played or thought about playing in online casinos, the progressive Jackpot is the ultimate desired outcome for every bet placed on a spin. Online casinos pay out millions of euros in winnings every year. Among those lucky enough to be counted as winners, few players actually manage to win multimillion jackpots on progressive slot machines. One of the biggest recorded winnings was attributed to a Scandinavian player with a record blowing 17.8 million euros of gain.

The extremely fortunate player scored the life changing jackpot while playing on Microgaming’s Mega Fortune slot machine at PAF Casino. Just to put it into prospective, the second biggest single gain on a online machine came from a young Norwegian player who was at the time only 20 years of age, with 11.7 million on 24 September 2011, followed by a lucky player who cracked a €8.6 million pay day on Arabian Nights in November 2012. To our knowledge, the biggest profit so far was won on Book of Ra Deluxe with an incredible gain of €40,084.00 on a €8 bet for our favorite Novomatic slot series.But who really knows? You just might be the next one in line to make history!

The link between Novomatic, Novoline & Greentube interactive software

Book of Ra jackpotThe Novomatic group is made up of several interacting companies and branches including Greentube and Novoline, which are its global interactive unit and business representatives across the world. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, certain pioneers in the gambling industry realized that the online gaming market was on the course to become significantly important, and therefore took the first steps to establish themselves in the front row of a market that is worth billions of Dollars today. Greentube was founded in 1998 as Dürrschmid & Reisinger OEG, before quickly being acquired by the industry giant Novomatic.

The online entertainment (gambling and casinos) solution provider GmbH Greentube’s headquarters are in the Austrian federal capital Vienna. The company employs hundreds of employees and is said to be a great ambassador to the proven Austrian values which are quality, reliability, fairness, and the greatest possible Safety.

Through its game development units, Novoline is the provider of some of the world's most popular gaming machines around the world. It is also considered as a pioneer in the field by many industry experts. Some of the best slot machines found in Greentube's games portfolio is the notorious slot game Book of Ra™, Golden Reel, Amazon's Diamonds, Star Nova, Ultra fruits and many others. The company’s portfolio also includes table games, poker, live casino games with dealers, bingo, and social casino games.

The most Exotic Mobile Experience >>

play book of ra for real money mobileAs of today, Book of Ra mobile is wildy available on different platforms. You can play online both on your mobile device (smartphones, Iphone, IPad, Android) and on your Desktop personal computer whether its a windows or a Mac. In many online casinos like futuriti, Quasar, Ovo casino or Casumo, there are specific offers for mobile users that you can receive. In certain circonstances or during promotional campaigns, users receive a free bonus for mobile players as a gift.

There are many original Applications available for mobile phone users easily found on the App Store for iOS or on Google Play Store for Android. In case you prefer to use a casino App you downloaded on the phone, then you should know that unfortunately, not all games are always available, thus the need to make the right choice when choosing your casino before opening an account. Sometimes the functionalities of the application are very limited. But by registering to one of our recommended casinos to play Book of Ra slot mobile on your portable device, you can always access the web version through phone's built-in browser anytime.

Volatility, variance and payout frequency >>

book of ra slot volatilityWhen speaking of slot machines, the volatility of a slot game is the disparity or variations of the earnings.The volatility of a machine determines how often and how much profits you are likely to win when playing a given slot. In other words, the more a machine is volatile, the less it will distribute winnings on a regular basis, but the greater will be the gain when it finally comes. Hence the term High and low slot volatility slot.

The general principle of volatility is quite simple and very comparable to the concept of variance. Players who love the thrills of the anticipation of a potential big win will choose to play on a highly volatile machine, and those who like to bet with the expectations of collecting small gains on each spin will, therefore, play on a low volatility slot machine. The Book of Ra volatility class is comprised within the mid-range. Meaning players actively collect coins frequently, but can also get surprised with a huge gain at any moment.

Online Games Security: A secure and fair play at all cost

Book of Ra™ online casino securityOne of the main concerns for players remains online casino security. They often ask themselves the following questions: is the casino I would like to play in reliable and serious? How are bank transactions processed by online casinos? What are the steps taken by the casino to secure online games? To answer these questions and play safely, we have a clear and simple answer: all featured casino brands on play-book-of-ra-online.com are safe and reliable after being tested by our experts. Today’s brands use the 128-bits digital encoding and advanced encryption technologies, to ensure 100% secured transactions. These methods are the same used by major banking institutions around the world.

If you feel safe when you withdraw money at an ATM or when making a purchase online, you will eventually feel comfortable making a deposit to online casinos. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it is possible to play book of ra with real money in Bitcoin Casinos while staying completely anonymous. At 1xBit Casino, players can deposit, bet, and withdraw exclusively with Bitcoins. various Novoline slots. Another important feature you should look for in your search for a secure online casino to play Book of Ra slot machine online in all security is to check if the site is using HTTPS (SSL security).

The latest can be easily checked, by verifying if there is a green padlock on the left side of the browser's address bar next to the URL. Most online casinos keep a history of your account activities, and only you can access the details of all financial transactions you have had with the site. If you have any questions or need information, you can easily contact the casino customer support

Few testimonials we've collected from players around the world

What an incredible game, Book of Ra has always been my favorite! I just fall in love with it over and over again.
Monique G.SFrom Sweden.
It's great to find a free online version of the game, where I can play without any limit or need to register.
William .LFrom South Africa.

Book of Ra FAQ: General info and important questions we've tried to answer:

Every online casino or game is built upon different sets of terms and conditions, that both parties (brand and players) must respect in order to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Players have the responsibility to inquire and address the frequently asked questions concerning all the important matters. Some of the most recurring interrogation topics include questions regarding:

  • Personal information security
  • Restricted Countries and regulations
  • Bonus, Promotion, Tournaments
  • Methods of payments
  • Deposit and withdrawal conditions
  • Types of games available
  • Customer support efficiency
  • Assistance in case of Gambling issues and so on...
We will try to answer in the most efficient manner, some of the questions you may have regarding Book of Ra and online casinos in generals.
What is the minimum age requirement?

Answer: Our duty as casino games reviewers, critics and providers is first to make sure that no inappropriate materials or promotions are targeting an underage audience. Gaminator Book of Ra Games are designed and advertised for an adult only public. On that note, there is a clear commitment to enforce a strict control over the type of audience we expose to casino games. Players under the age of -18 years old are categorically prohibited from visiting, playing, or participating in any activities involving gambling at play-book-of-ra-online.com.

How to access online casinos without risk?

Online casinos have always had a great mass appeal to gamblers whether it is for beginners, experienced, or professional players. Most people see it not only as a place for personal entertainment but also as a place where you get an opportunity to try their luck and win some money from the comfort of your home or mobile phone. However, responsible gaming must be the first thing in your mind if you want to be able to access online casinos without risk. Many aspects must be considered at all times such as:

  • Your Personal online casino budget.
  • The security measures applied by the casino to protect players’ information and Data.
  • Keeping track of the time spent in front of the screen playing your favorite games
  • Make sure the payment methods used for online casino transactions are secured and protected.
  • Verifying the online casino license to make sure that the brand is regulated
  • Make sure that players from your country are accepted in the casino and have access to all features and games offered.
  • Check and compare book of ra bonuses and offers from several casinos before making your decision to play and risk your own money.

Our team of professionals make sure each brand goes through and passes our internal checklist, to make sure only the best ones qualify to be promoted on this site.

How do I know which online casino is best for me?

It is not always an easy task to find the best alternatives where it comes to choosing an online casino with Book of Ra to play comfortable. After all, the final decision really depends on the player’s personal preferences and taste in games. As an example, some players are looking for as many different book of ra slots variants as possible, while others would rather prioritize a great bonus offer, or simply want to play from their mobile smartphones while on the move.

The concept of labeling the best online casino on the internet is really a tricky question even for professional casino critics and review portal like play-book-of-ra-online.com. It is recommended to choose a casino, which fits perfectly to your own criteria and ideas whatever that might be to have a great experience and play comfortably. However, some general aspects should be also included for a safer experience, great gambling conditions to set you on a winning course, and personal fulfillment.

This is true for in regards to points related to deposits and withdraws, as well as the management of player accounts. Luckily, it’s not rare to find online casinos meeting some or even these requirements. Brands such as:

  • Futuriti
  • Stragames
  • JackpotCity
  • Ovo Casino
  • Bet365 casino
  • Casumo
  • Quasar Gaming

Have all earn their trust and can suit more than one player’s preferences. As a conclusion, Flat-rate online casinos comparisons have only a limited meaning when viewed from an individual point.

How do I register to the most suitable brand for me?

Answer: The registration process is very simple to ensure that very first steps of the players go as smooth as possible. In most cases, the new customer will be required to provide some personal information in order to open an account. The required info often includes the customer’s name, Country of residence, default currency, preferred language, plus the electronic address (email). Additional documents may be necessary in a later stage, before being eligible to make withdrawal. Hopefully after a Book of Ra Big Win

NB: Before all, make sure the brand is legitimate, and that the minimum security measures to protect the customers data and funds are respected.

What is the different between the HTML5 and Flash version ?

There are 2 main frameworks used by online casino software providers to develop games. They either develop games with flash or use the modern HTML5 language. Both versions provide exactly the same features and the player experience is equally rich. Flash and HTML5 games are found in most common casinos on the internet. The main difference in the both versions is essentially noticeable when it comes to mobile play and instant play.

Some of the integrated web browsers found on smartphone devices do not support or have stopped developing the support for the Flash player plugins. Plugin that makes the game operate properly behind the scenes. Therefore, the flash version is no longer playable on the majority of mobile devices. That is the reason why many casinos put in a little extra effort to develop an HTML5 version, which assures the accessibility of the game both on desktop and on mobile browsers because of the full HTML5 Games support.

Where can I find a downloadable version?

Fortunately for us, there are many various ways to access and play our favorite Novoline game. The famous slot machine is available to play directly from your personal computer after the installation of the software for PC or Mac, which can be easily found on the internet.

There are many third-party applications in the Google play and App Store. Those Applications allows you access a mobile version for smartphones. The Application in question might be a APK free download for Android or iPhone or an official App offered by the casino brand you register with.

Why can't I play the Original Book of Ra from my current location, should I bypass the issue with a VPN?

Answer: Unfortunately, this time the answer is No. Due to internal legislation of different Countries and marketing strategies chosen by some online casino sites, certain players may be blocked from accessing the free games, opening accounts, or making deposits. Its recommended to check the list of restricted Countries on the brand’s website, or directly contact the customer support in case of doubts or difficulty. 

Where can I get some help in case of gambling issues, and how should I proceed?

Answer: The most important thing to know, is that You are not alone! There are several programs and associations, both independent or state funded ready to help players struggling with gambling addictions. In addition to promoting safe and responsible games, free consultations and treatments are provided by health professionals and volunteers helpers. More information on how to get help in case of games dependency can be found on the following website: www.helpguide.org

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The History of Slot Machine Evolution: From the very first mechanical slot "Liberty Bell" in 1887 to the most recent machines.

Book of Ra Review Summary

Book of Ra Classic slot is without a doubt one of the best slot games around today on the internet and in land-based casinos in 2018. Combining excellent game themes like "Egypt Slots, Adventure Slots, Mythology Slots" with a proven gameplay, to satisfy the needs of both new and longtime online game players willing to spend a good time on this fantastic machine. Those who dare to challenge this great adventure will find themselves immersed in the world of the Pharaohs, oaths, mystics, and pyramids as they seek to acquire the magical Book, to discover the hidden secrets of the god Ra's priest.

The game's layout and instructions are very easy to learn, with ten (9) play lines, three (3) rows, and five reels or 6, for the Deluxe 6 version. There are many ways to acquire bonuses and additional profits on each single spin. The main objective of the game is to get as many matching adjacent symbols as possible on all reels. If you feel that you know the game well enough after reading this Book of Ra review, pay visit to our Book of Ra slot machine's online quiz mini-game section to test your expertise and skills.

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