Bankroll Management Tips and Strategies for Slot Machines

Managing your budget when playing in online casinos, is one of the most important factor in a gaming session. Being able to plan, strategize and use your bankroll accordingly is a key factor that can determine the success or failure of your campaign. As a modern player, you must always be on top of your bankroll creation and management, to stand a fair chance against the house.

Since the playing budget management in online casino is a universal topic, you will find the same notion in slot machines, Blackjack, roulette, or other game categories.

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What is a bankroll in online casinos? And why is it so important?

In online casinos, the term bankroll represents the notion of creation and management of the players cashier or money. When playing online, users long to enjoy a lucrative and extended experience. But, to achieve the above, players certainly need to learn how to make the most out the money or credit available to them. Although the primary goal is still to win money on a lucky machine, the length and overall experience are factors that equally contribute to the ultimate satisfaction of the player.

The following article introduces some of the most practical bankroll management tips and strategies to help you stretch your bankroll as far as possible, while still being able to have a pleasant experience. It’s important to keep in mind that, the tips provided by the team of experts at, do not guarantee a successful campaign or profits, but simply enriches your knowledge in order to minimize the risks of a rapid bankroll loss.

  1. Bankroll management by session (Daily, weekly, or monthly limits).

As one of the most popular method, this strategy allows you to have total control over your budget for each particular session. As described in one of our many pages describing in details some of the most effective tips and strategies for slot machines, being able to limit the amount of money invested for each time you make a deposit in a casino is very important.

This method works as follow. Before login into your casino account, whether one with Microgaming slots or Netent slots, you simply decide before hand how much money you would like to spend. In other words, how much money are you willing to risk in this session? If you deem reasonable to play 100 Euros, the 100 Euros will be your bankroll for the session.

  1. Bankroll management by game

Recent studies confirmed that, the average player places bets on at least 3 different machines in each session. With the correct bankroll management by game, beyond setting a deposit or loss limit for the whole session, the player goes farther into dividing the bankroll per games. This means, if we take our example above, the 100 Euro bankroll will be divided by 3. Each part (33.3 Euros) will be used to place bets on a different slot machine.

The player could start the session playing Book of Ra Classic online, until he reaches the 33.3 Euros bankroll, then would switch to Lucky lady’s charm Deluxe for the next 33.3 Euros and then finish the session on Sizzling Hot Deluxe with the last 33.3 Euros.

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