Novomatic Bitcoin Casinos: The Complete guide to Bitcoin Slots

Online casino gambling and Bitcoin gambling are today considered by many critics in the industry as the perfect pair. Mostly due to the apparent complementarity that both have toward each other. There are many great advantages to gambling in Novomatic online casinos with bitcoin as a payment method both for deposits and withdrawals. The unique qualities and advantages that come with Bitcoin, makes it one of the top payment method prospect for all bitcoin gambling sites. With this new digital currency, players’ transactions are processed at lightning fast speed, without the mediation of 3rd party banks or other financial institutions. All in total anonymity, catting all transfer fees and taxes.

Due to the grey area surrounding the legal status of Bitcoin as an official currency, players using this cryptocurrency for bitcoin gambling on BTC allowed Novomactic powered online casino sites don’t have to worry about breaking the law. Another one of the top advantages of playing bitcoin slots is that no matter where the player is located, He will be able to play Book of Ra Bitcoin online slot without Country restrictions or any need for gambling regulations. On the other side, playing on Bitcoin casinos presents certain disadvantages as well, mostly due to the lack of means to authenticate the fairness and authenticity of gambling licenses owned by some Bitcoin casinos. Therefore, one ought to be careful when picking the Online Casino to play at. Bitcoin transactions sent to the wrong recipient can’t be recovered!

Top Novomatic Bitcoin Casinos of 2017

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  • 100% Bonus Up to 1 1xbit BitCoin Book of Ra Novoline Casino
  • Anonymous Registration
  • All Countries Accepted

What is Bitcoin? And how does it fit into the online casino world?

To answer the question what is Bitcoin? One must think of it a consensus network or agreement among several parties, to establish a brand-new payment system or infrastructure which is completely digital. In other words, Bitcoin is an encrypted digital (currency) money. Like the US dollar of the Euro bill, Bitcoin is a unit of account in its system of exchange. It is the pioneer in the new age of peer-to-peer payment.

With no centralized authorities or mediators, Bitcoin transactions are completely decentralized with the whole payment network relying on the users' direct implication. The simplest explanation for Bitcoin is that it can be considered as cash money for online transactions. Being able to move anonymously and in all security from hand to hand without leaving any trace.

Novomatic Bitcoin Casinos: Can you play Novomatic Slots with Bitcoin?

For almost 4 decades , Novomatic has been one of the most popular and respected software providers in the iGaming industry. Its leadership status has been earned primarily for its ability to deliver some of the greatest gambling environments to an ever growing and demanding market. The excellent quality its final products, mostly slot machines, is the ultimate asset that sets the software provider a part. Always 2 steps ahead of its direct competitors, the Austrian company is currently reaching out to a farther audience and business opportunities offered in the Bitcoin Casino gambling industry. With hundreds of successful trademarked games hosted in land-based and online casinos, Novomatic slots are slowly finding a comfortable place into the Bitcoin casinos niche across the web.

The overall popularity and demand for Bitcoin casinos is rapidly growing, with the cryptocurrency reaching its highest trade in history in October 2017. The idea of hitting a Jackpot on Novomatic Bitcoin slots has become very seductive to more than just the conventional online casino player. Today, Players are eagerly looking for Novomatic Bitcoin Casinos, where they can play some of the best player-friendly slot machine titles that the industry has to offer, while making deposits and withdrawals in all anonymity with the virtual currency. But, the latest trend does not stop with Novomatic games since the demand for bitcoin slots from software providers like Netent, Microgaming, Play’n Go is also on a constant rise.

In respect to its status in the industry as the best Bitcoin Casino games software provider, Novomatic Bitcoin slots are today featured in several brands accepting cryptocurrencies as a mean of payment. Classic Gaminator slots like Book of Ra, Book of Ra Deluxe 6, Lucky Lady’s charm and other star titles from the Austrian software developer can be found at 1xBit Casino and BTC-Casino. Table games and Video poker players are not forgotten in this major shift going on in the industry. There is a constant flow of new games and software providers joining the race to deliver the most exciting gambling experience to players who prefer to use cryptocurrencies for online casino payments.

Play Novomatic Slots with Bitcoin at 1Xbit Casino:

Bitcoin Casinos: The safe havens for online Casino gamblers

With the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market across all platforms and industries, Bitcoins and other major cryptos became more and more popular among common internet users. This new interest around the currency generated a wave of opportunities and byproducts directly related to the advantageous characteristic of Bitcoin. Over the many years in the existence of online casinos, players have constantly faced the fear of seeing their personal data or funds stolen on the internet. This specific security issue is one of the many that Bitcoin gambling seems to solve.

In conventional Novoline online casinos, the registration process often requires from the player to provide lots of sensitive information including the full identity, address, and credit card details. But, we all know that despite the efforts done by online casino brands to secure the customers’ data. No one is completely safe from online piracy and data bridges. Fortunately, with the coming of new cryptocurrencies based on the Blockchain technology, opening an account in online Bitcoin Casinos became an extremely fast and anonymous process. Players are only required to use a pseudo (username) as the reference to the account, without providing further information and details.

Play Top Bitcoin Slots from Alternative providers:

Top Bitcoin Casinos to play Book of Ra Online

There are many online casino sites offering various cryptocurrencies and digital payment methods. But, only a selective few fulfill all the minimal required criteria to be recommended as a great casino to play Book of Ra Bitcoin slot machines for a chance to win some profits. After long researches and hour of testing, we came across dozens of brands offering all types of bitcoin games, but all failed to feature Authentic Novomatic Bitcoin games. Some of the brands we checked, featured more than 1000 different games among others slot machines, Blackjack, Sports Betting, Live Casinos, Bingo, Lottery and so on, from the best game providers in the industry.This shady situation prompted the review team at to reduce the number of featured Bitcoin Novomatic slots casinos on our site, until further investigations on the issue. Even though players looking for these types of cryptocurrency casinos are attracted primarily by the sense of security and anonymity provided the brands, it’s important for us to make sure that we are sending our visitors to legit Bitcoin casinos. Besides the thrills and adrenaline boost, one might get while playing bitcoin games, its equally important to know that, the generated winnings can be withdrawn at any moment according to the player’s will without any false play from the casino. Currently, the only casino we deemed safe to play Book of Ra Bitcoin and other Novoline slots, is a 1xbit casino.

How to Deposit and Play with Bitcoins in Online Casinos?

Like any other currencies whether digital or physical, there are several market exchange rules and regulations a fair and safe transaction. Bitcoin transactions are not exceptions. To be able to use Bitcoin as a means of payments for gambling sites, players must go through exchange platforms and e-wallets.  Some of the best and recommended bitcoin e-wallets are and The registration process is very fast and simple with little to no fees charged to accounts. Plus, the anonymity of users and all transactions are guaranteed in the terms and conditions. After purchasing the equivalent Bitcoin value from an exchange platform, it's recommended to transfer the whole amount into your previously created e-wallet for practical and security reasons among others.Bitcoin can be purchased from many different fiat currencies and other digital payment methods. The Bitcoin exchange rate is universal and can be tracked easily online. After following the process above, you may comfortably enjoy the safety and anonymity of cryptocurrencies. In most online casinos, even though bitcoin is accepted as a payment method, the deposited money is automatically converted into its equivalent in the default (base) currency of the casino. For this reason, before signing up to a Novoline Bitcoin casino, it’s important to make sure of the conversion rates. If the latest applies. In the opposite case, some crypto Online Casinos, however, exclusively use Bitcoin. Not only as a payment method but also as the base currency used to place bets. Usually, this kind of information is often easy to find on the website. If not, a quick call or email to the customer support team can clarify the situation.

Best Bitcoin e-Wallets:

Book of Ra Bitcoin Paytable and coins equivalents

The Bitcoin version of Book of Ra is no different from the classic version we are all accustomed to. The game features five reels and nine paylines. To place bets on this bitcoin slot, players can manually adjust the bet amounts on each line from 0.05 m฿ to a maximum of 2 m฿. The total bet of the spin is calculated by auditioning the single bet on the activated lines. The more lines you chose to activate, the more money you will spend on each spin. Fact, that is common for all Bitcoin slots.For Example: Setting each line’s bet at 1 m฿, will deduct 9 m฿ from your cashier balance.The winning symbols remained the same in Book of Ra Bitcoin. The original symbols used on all 4 different variants of the slot games are used as the reference to determine the value of the winnings. With the card symbols (Q, K, 10, J) rewarding players with low and average winnings, and the Egyptian mythology’s symbols granting average to big profits.

Satoshi to Bitcoin conversion rate (Latast Rate October 2017):

  • 1 m฿ = 1 Satoshi
  • 1 m฿= 0.00000001 ฿
  • 1฿ = 100,000,000 m฿
  • 1$ = 0.1778 m฿
  • 1 ฿ = 5607.98$
The profit distribution is organized as follows, with the symbol value converted to mBTC (Bitcoin):
  1. Paytable Symbol: 10 = 200 m฿
  2. Paytable Symbol: J = 200 m฿
  3. Paytable Symbol: Q = 200 m฿
  4. Paytable Symbol: K = 300 m฿
  5. Paytable Symbol: A = 300 m฿
  6. Paytable Symbol: Scarab Beetle = 1,500 m฿
  7. Paytable Symbol: Winged Queen = 1,500 m฿
  8. Paytable Symbol: Golden Mummy = 4,000 m฿
  9. Paytable Symbol: The Archeologist = 10,000 m฿

Online Casino Bitcoin Bonus and Promotions for Novomatic Slots

Like for conventional gambling sites and online casinos, the best Casino brands often rewards players with free money in form of a Bitcoin Bonus. The free bitcoin casino bonus comes in the form of a welcome bonus for newly registered players, a reload bonus, a bitcoin no deposit bonus, or finally as cashback bonus reimbursed to depositing players in case of loss while betting. In most cases, all the above offers come with certain game restrictions (bets must be placed on specific games, otherwise the Bitcoin bonus wagering requirements won’t be fulfilled). Several terms and conditions may apply to the same Bitcoin bonus at once.

For certain Novomatic casinos specialized in Bitcoin Slots, players may sometimes receive additional bitcoin casino free spins, and bonus rounds as an alternative to the match bonus on deposits, or as some goodwill gestures on the behalf of the casino. To learn more on the subject, players are invited to visit the promotions page on the brand’s website or contact the customer support team. Several bitcoin casino reviews confirm the availability and professionalism of the agents working at 1xbit Casino.

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Bitcoin FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who created Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is one of the first real implementation of the brilliant idea described by Wei Dan in 1998. The new idea introduced the concept of cryptocurrency to the world via the cypherpunks mailing list. For the first time, the world was introduced to a brand-new concept of a currency based on cryptography that only relies on itself to control both its creation process and transactions. The project has since found many adherents. And today, the Bitcoin protocol and software is an open-source project, accessible to developers around the globe. Anyone can review and create a modified version at will.

How does Bitcoin really work?

On the surface, Bitcoin is just like any other e-wallets on the internet allowing users to receive and send money. But a deeper look into the question How Does Bitcoin really work? Reveals a much more complicated mechanism behind the scenes. The Bitcoin network consists of the sharing of a special public ledger commonly referred to as the “BlockChain”. this publicly shared ledger contains the information of each transaction ever processed in the exchange system. This unique transparency allows each individual user in the network to access and verify the authenticity (validity) of the transactions.

To protect the authenticity of each transaction, users rely on the digital signatures corresponding to the address of the sending account. This factor allows Bitcoin users to have complete control over transactions being sent from their Bitcoin addresses. To process transactions, each user needs a specialized hardware and a powerful computer. For each successful transaction processed, users are rewarded in form of Bitcoins for the service accomplished. This service is called “Mining” in cryptocurrency jargon.

Is it difficult to make Bitcoins payments to online casinos?

A side by side comparison of the current online payment methods whether digital (e-wallets) or conventional (credit and debit cards), proves that is it way easier to pay with Bitcoin. Due to the decentralization of the exchange, there is no banking infrastructures or middleman involved in the transaction making fast and instant. Payments are made through e-wallet platforms accessible both on PC and Mobile devices. The only information required for the transfer is the recipient’s address which can be obtained by scanning a QR Code or using a mobile Application, and the transfer amount one wishes to send.

What are the real advantages of using Bitcoin?
  1. Freedom in payment: With the introduction of Bitcoin as the universal currency for the web, it became possible to send and receive money from practically anywhere in the world. Detaching the users from restrictions and constraints caused by Banking bureaucracy, fees, holidays and so on. Users regain the full control of their wallets.
  2. Little to no transfer fees: there are no additional fees charged for receiving Bitcoins. However, certain fees may apply for a faster transaction. Users may choose this option to accelerate the transfer. Overall, the same fee amount is applied when sending 1BTC or 1000BTC. Most of the best e-wallets support the conversion from bitcoin to fiat currencies (legal currencies accepted by governments), and wire transfers to, and from bank accounts.
  3. Security, Anonymity and full control: Unlike for every other formal payment systems, Bitcoin transactions does not request the personal information of the sender nor the receiver. Protecting users from any type of identity theft. It is also near impossible to highjack the transactions or add additional fees as it may occur with other methods of payments. Backup and encryption of the cryptocurrency ensure the users’ money is safe at all time. The public ledger being shared via blockchain, anybody can control and verify the validity of the transaction in real time.
What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin?
  1. Not accepted by everyone: One of the downsides of using Bitcoin is that, many people are still skeptical of the benefits and functions provided this exchange system. For the moment, the list of institutions and business accepting Bitcoin as payments is relatively insignificant compared to fiat currencies.
  2. Highly volatile: The small number of users and businesses operating with Bitcoins, causes the currency to be very volatile. Every major change in the exchange system can significantly affect the number of bitcoins in circulation and their prices in the market. Therefore, causing fluctuations of the exchange rate in the market.
  3. Still in the making: As an open-source project, the development of the Bitcoin software is ongoing. There are still many unfinished features, services, and tools that we hope to see fully functional in the very near future.
Why should you trust Bitcoin?

In a wordplay, the unconditional trust accorded to Bitcoin by its users comes from the simple fact that, this currency does not require any trust in the first place. As the first open source cryptocurrency, it is completely decentralized. Meaning the source code is made available to everyone capable of understanding the machine language used to code it. All payments are protected some of the most robust cryptographic algorithms, comparable to those used by the military and banking institutions.

Is Bitcoin really anonymous?

This virtual currency was specifically designed to provide its user a real sense of security and restore a level of privacy long lost online. Even though the privacy of the users is preserved, Bitcoin transactions are stored in a shared public network. Eventually, better protection features are being developed to enhance the quality of Bitcoin anonymity. Some financial system critics raised concerns over the anonymity of this type of furtive exchange system. A weakness that could be used for illegal transactions over the internet. On this matter, some experts believe this factor will eventually urge governments to enforce terms and regulations comparable to those implemented in current exchange systems.   

Is Bitcoin secure?

The protocol, technology, and cryptography behind Bitcoin use some of the best security features in the world to ensure the perfect track record of Bitcoin. Certain sources cite the Bitcoin network among some of the biggest distributed computing projects of all time. Despite this impenetrable, one of the most commonly known vulnerability of this system come from personal users who may delete or alter important data necessary for the storage of the Bitcoin private keys. It is recommended to inquire about the security measures and insurance policy of the e-wallet in order to prevent data loss and theft.

What is Bitcoin mining? and How does is work?

The concept of Bitcoin mining is defined as the process of using one’s computing power to process bitcoin transactions in the network over the publicly shared ledger called “BlockChain”. The mining process is designed to keep all participants in the network synchronized at all time. With a decentralized exchange system, the control of the network is distributed among users from all over the world with no real data center. The term “mining” obviously derives the gold mining. But unlike the latest, users are rewarded with Bitcoins in exchange for their valuable services.

This mechanism is also used to create and issue new Bitcoins into the market. Mining is open to everyone. to successfully mine bitcoins, users need to use specific software created for this purpose. The Mining software constantly scans for transactions information broadcasted through the peer-to-peer network and then performs the required tasks necessary for the processing and confirmation of the given transaction.

Novomatic Bitcoin Casinos Review Summary

Introduced in the late nighties, Bitcoin as a decentralized encrypted digital currency quickly conquered the online casino market by its simplicity and security. Today, many online casino players are turning to Bitcoin as their favorite payment method to deposit to online casinos. More than a simple mean of payment, Bitcoin managed to solve some of biggest security and anonymity that online casino players face when playing in conventional gambling sites.

Lucky enough for slot machines players around the world, there are currently few Novomatic brands where users can play Book of Ra online with Bitcoin as a currency for withdrawals and deposits, regardless of their Country of residence. American players are accepted at the featured bitcoin Casino USA 1xBit. Today some of the most popular Bitcoin Slots are featured among the thousands of games available in BTC Casinos.

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