Cryptocurrency payments in Online Casinos via Browser API

The world of Cryptocurrency is moving at a very fast pace. The constantly increasing number of transactions and revenues generated by the blockchain based market is starting to draw the attention of top technology firms in the world. First adopted by online casinos and gambling sites, Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are rolling on the red carpet as big and powerful companies like Microsoft and Apple are diving in to get a piece of the virtual pie.

As we speak, several blockchain developers and engineers from major companies are working on browser-based API that will significantly simplify the process of paying online with bitcoins and other similar currencies. Users across the net will be able to make a purse of a deposit to online gambling sites such as 1xBit Casino to play Book of Ra with a simple click of a button.

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What are the implications for common players?

Initiated by the W3C consortium community, the project today involves giant technology companies and corporations such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Mozilla and many others. When launched, the newly created API will be a strong step toward the establishment of common standards to handle crypto-currency payments and purchases on the web across all platforms and browsers. For early enthusiasts of the technology, this project means a lot more than a lucrative deal because it is a sign of the rapidly growing acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin as a legit payment method.  For those not familiar with the terms, a complete guide to bitcoin casinos and gambling sites can be found here.

According to internal sources, the API has already passed the development phase and is now being tested on major web browsers including Chrome, Webkit, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, In-App Facebook browser. The API will provide a simple and intuitive user interface for the best experience. The featured currency will appear on a drop-down menu, prompted users to select the payment method of their choice among featured cryptocurrencies. So far, the featured digital currency list is limited to Bitcoin, Etheureum with an open option to add additional ones.

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