Certifications and Technical Audits of Novomatic Online Casinos

In every aspect of life where an exchange is taking place, whether for goods or services, there are arbitrary institutions at work. The main objective for these organizations is to provide the customers with the relevant information concerning the provenance of the product, its production process, and manufacturer. At the same time, it also in a way responsible for giving certifications to products after passing successful manufacturing standard tests. A clear example can be taken from the food industry, where we would check for seals of approval from various health check organizations on a good that we would like to purchase, before going to the cashier.

In the same context for the online casino gambling industry, there are several important bodies of authority responsible for delivering seals of trust, certifications of fairness for gambling software, or official licenses to operate in a given market or territory. These different organizations come in distinct categories, to operate efficiently in each aspect of the online casino industry. On the international level, you have technical laboratories or institutions whose prime objective is to test, audit review, and report technical facilities used online brands.

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That includes, checking the authenticity of the games, the robustness, performance and fairness of software, and all other parts that may require an honest and fair audit from a third-party company. On the other side, other companies localize their expertise on the legal aspect of brands operating in the industry. Governmental authorities, along with lawyer’s specialized in online casinos are responsible for delivering the relevant authorizations and licenses companies that have met the mandatory requirements established by the relevant body.

As player of virtual games online, playing in one of the featured Novomatic casino games providers where you can see and recognized the labels or seals from these different control organizations, may provide a sense of relief and serenity. After all, the internet is a fast jungle where anything can happen, whether bad or good. Being aware of your surroundings at every moment can be a key to safety, and a guarantee of the purchased product authenticity.

Here are some of the main regulatory organizations in the gambling industry:

  1. Technical System Testing: Also known as TST, the company has grown a solid reputation in the i-gaming world since its creation in 1993. A period that corresponds to the initial launch of some of the very first internet online casinos in the world. TST is specialized in testing, auditing, and monitoring the compliance of software and games, both for online and land based betting establishment across the globe. The company is also offer consulting services since 2010.
  2. Certified Fair Gambling: Founded in the early 2000s by a renowned and brilliant actor in the industry Dr. Eliot Jacobson, the Certified Fair Gambling organization is one of the most respected and authoritative bodies. The company owes its reputation to its experience and pioneer vision of the industry, cumulated through the 20 more years of existence. The organization audits the games and software developed by several publishers prior to release, to make sure that only the most trustworthy, and fairest titles are released to the general public. Many elements of the machines are tested in the process. At the end, only the products with the highest quality and fairness are approved. The manufacturer, and brands through which the products are providing are awarded a seal of approval. in certain
  3. GPWA: In special circumstances for online casino review sites or specific game portal such as, a seal of trust in awarded to the site providing the most accurate reviews and honest point of view of a brand or product.

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