Crash course, how to avoid becoming bonus restricted?

The digital world has been flooded lately with all sorts betting infrastructures and platforms. Whether it is for sports betting, online lottery, e-sports or online casinos. No matter the vertical of the platform, they all seem to have one thing in common, which is the constant need to attract more and more customers or potential players to their brand. Among the different methods used to lure potential players into signing up with brands to play games like Book of Ra for a chance to win, most casinos offer bonuses.

By simple definition, a bonus is an offer given by brands (online casinos) to inflate the betting power of the player. This free money’s prime objective is to increase the playtime of the player by allowing him to have a more flexible wagering power. The types of bonus offers are as varied as the types of platforms they can be applied to. For some brands offer 10 or 20$ to new players on registration, to get a taste of the games, while some other brands offer additional cash in form of a match bonus added on top of the deposited amount. Although most people may see these offers as easy money, most if not all bonuses come with wagering requirements, payout limits, and games restrictions.

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How to get the maximum out of Bonus offers?

For Players who prefer playing with bonus money from casinos like Futuriti casino or JackpotCity, if you want to hold on to that privilege and don’t want to be labeled as a Bonus seeker (Hunter), there are certain behaviors that you need to avoid as a player.  As tempting as it sounds, it is strictly forbidden to open multiple accounts to benefit from the welcome offer multiple times.

You should try also not to cash out the winnings without fulfilling the wagering requirement of the bonus. Gamble normally without sudden increases in your bets and deposits, to avoid throwing the red flag.  Finally, avoid using fake or tempered information in your account. This act alone can cause you to be restricted from receiving bonuses, or ultimately getting banned from the casino.

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