Different types of slot machine players and their qualities

As lovers of slot machines, we can assume that we know all the different types of players in slots. For someone who casually frequents offline casinos, online casino play halls, simple establishments with a few or more slot machines, we usually feel like we could have a say or two in the matter when watching somebody else play. After all, we all have opinion. Nevertheless, different players have different strategies and styles depending on a thousand parameters surrounding the type of games being played, the payout ratio, the payout rate, the theme, the jackpot…

We will try to objectively discuss the issue in this article. our topic would be the different types of mistakes, habits, preferences, and qualities of our fellow players, while giving our honest opinion.  We will keep in mind the fact that, even if we call ourselves experts, we are not magicians and happen to make mistakes or misjudgments ourselves in certain circumstances.

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Those who’d rather watch someone else play for them: Twitch Gaming
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Those who’d rather watch someone else play for them

Slot machines are one of the greatest inventions when it comes to adult entertainment, and there are millions of people who enjoy playing Novoline slots everyday around the world. Whether it’s for the pure joy of betting, or the adrenaline rush caused the idea of winning real money in a fast way. These people, including you the reader, and us, as reviewer are all on the same boat. Believe it or not, there are people out there who do not play the game themselves, but rather pay another player to play with real money on their behalf. As strange as it might sound, it actually happens!

Some self-titled expert slot players are sometimes hired or used to play slot machines by other users. Usually, the game is played in a different location and live streamed to the money founder who can comment on the game progress and give different suggestions or instructions. There are several live streaming platforms and technologies used for this practice. Gaming platforms similar to Twitch and YouTube Live. Since we all know that slot machines are a game of chance, the player cannot influence the outcome of the spins, this technique is seen by many people as unproductive.

Each new spin is independent from the last, meaning the chances of winning does not depend on who is spinning the reel. If you ever thought of paying someone else to play slot machine online on your behalf, we would strongly encourage you to reconsider. Play for yourself and enjoy the fun while hoping to win real money on the slot machine of your choice.

Those who switch machines with hopes to increase the chances of winning.
Do not put all your eggs in one basket! Does it work for slots?

Those who switch machines with hopes to increase the chances of winning.

This slot machine strategy is quite popular among new players. Playing for a long time on a machine which does not give back any profits from the money you’ve invested in can become very frustrating at times. After many spins without profits, people start asking themselves questions. What should be my next move? should I keep on playing on the same machine? or should I move to the next slot to increase my chances of winning? Sadly, most people rush to switch machines with hopes of a better outcome, but end up loosing in anyway.

The real question that should be asked in this case is, does changes a machine in the middle of session helps the player? No, it doesn’t help, unless your decision to switch machines is backed by a strategy based on the characteristics of the machine you would like to move to. That includes the following factors:

  • Checking its volatility,
  • what is the payout rate,
  • is it a progressive machine?
  • are the odds higher? if so why?
  • what is the minimum bet?
  • are there any special features (bonus rounds, free spins, gamble option)?

As mentioned above, the outcome of a spin is totally independent on the previews or next one. So, it does not matter how much, or little was your previous bet on the last round. While switching machines is considered to be a meaningless move, unless you purposely want to play on other machines with different characteristics, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so just for fun. After all, it all comes down to your personal slot machine strategies and cheats to beat the odds.

Those who pick machines with many Paylines

This growing trend is becoming more popular day by day. We often see slot players who exclusively choose machines with biggest number of paylines. Based off the assumption that, more paylines on a machine automatically means more profits. Unfortunately, that is absolutely not the case, even though it would look so from a non-professional player or someone who is not familiar with the inner workings of slot machines.

What these types of player forget to take into consideration is that, there are many different variables at play in a machine. The outcome of a spin is determined or affected by many different variables all working under the control of the RNG (Random Number Generator). Of course, the number of paylines plays a role, but just not one as big as they make it to be. Therefore, a higher number of paylines does not necessarily translates into bigger profits.

Slot Machine Paylines Explained
Slot Machine Paylines Explained


A good slot machine player is the one who, despite the hundreds of tricks, cheats, and tricks available on the internet, takes time to study the machine. The greatest quality of a slot player is the ability to overcome all his emotions while playing on a machine. Very often, people get carried away with the fantasy of finding the ultimate slot machine cheat code to beat all odds. As the last piece advice from the team of experts at play-book-of-ra-online.com, we would simply encourage you to play for the reasons below:

  1. Fun, fun, fun: Try having as much fun as you can, delegating someone else to play for you is depriving yourself from having a good time.
  2. Pick a machine according to your preferences, style, and game strategy, and stick to it. Switching between different games won’t make you win by magic!
  3. Look at the game many variables as a whole, and do not just rely on one parameter of the machine to assume that you are going to win a lot of money on a machine.

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