How to get the most out of slot machines when playing on a tight budget?

When it comes to finding the perfect machine for perfect gaming session, there are few things that should dictate the player’s choice when presented with a multitude of machines and strategies. Of course, the strategies differ from one player to another. But if you are new to the games, or you are simply eager to try something new, this piece of information has some incredible value when trying to have fun and make some profits while on a budget.

here are the 2 strategies you could apply to your game when playing with a small budget:

  1. Betting on a single payline
  2. Limiting your bets to minimum, 2 coins maximum!

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Betting on a single payline

There are many different approaches that one could take when playing slot machines, before launching into the real money game and placing your bets on one of our featured Novoline slot machine, players have to decide forehead about the strategy that will govern their betting decisions. After making the deposit, in most online casinos players have the choice to claim a match bonus (Go here for the definition of an online casino bonus) on their deposit.

The bonus is added to the player’s fund to inflate the initial betting budget with the sole purpose of extending the bankroll and the overall time on the game. But, some players prefer playing with their own money which is not an issue if you deposit a big enough sum. Otherwise, if you can’t afford to fund your account with a big deposit, you should try out the single payline betting approach.

This technique will allow you to last longer on the machines, because your bets will be relatively small on each spin. You must also take into consideration that, placing small bets at a time means you will also collect small profits in case you land the right combination on a game such as the Book of Ra, Gonzo’s Quest, the Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe slot by Novoline.

Betting 2 coins maximum, to limit your investment on each spin

Here is another great approach to consider when playing slot machines on a budget. If, betting 2 coins on a slot with the perfect combination on the payline pays out 80 coins, a 3 coins bet with the same combination would have produced a 120 coins win. A difference in revenue that is considerably better. However, you must know that, by choosing to bet on multiple coins at once (3 or more)  you are gambling an extra coin out of your small budget on each spin without any guarantee of wining something in return.

Although betting with a greater number of coins may seem more lucrative, because of the relative assumption that the player will win more on each spin, keeping the number of coins to a minimum can considerably extend your game time. Since winning in slot machines is completely up to your luck, betting with many coins at time does not guarantee exponential profits on each strike. This 2 coin max strategy helps you avoid running through your budget faster than you should while keeping a fair chance of making some great profits in novoline casinos.

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