Slot machine hybrids: Bingo Slots, Dice Slots and Roulette Slots

For more than 8 decades straight since the launch of the very first version in the 1940s, slot machines have massively dominated the casino games arena for various reasons. A simple look on the casino games usage by category, shows a great disparity between the different types of gambling machines with slots coming first with over 70%, closely followed by blackjack 20% and roulette 10%.

But, besides the obvious choices for many players, we are starting to notice the increasing popularity of alternative games in online casinos. Such games include scratch cards, dice games, and Bingo. These games have been popular for a long time in off line casinos and other gambling facilities, but they have just started to make their marks on the internet lately.

Riding the popularity wave of these new age casino games, certain manufacturers seized the golden opportunity to introduce hybrid games made of the mixture two different categories. Hence was born some of the new age machines such:

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Why the attraction to Hybrid games?

Mostly appreciated by the public for their unique ability to combine two different categories into one single and successful game, slot machine hybrids are today a must have all respectable online casino platforms. Out of the new categories named above, Bingo Slots seems to have quickly been received and adopted by the players over the Dice and Roulette Slots variants.

According to experienced Bingo players we’ve interviewed, the main reason behind this success lays in the perfect compatibility between both Bingo and slots. Quote Playing online Bingo slot machines is most definitely a part of the Bingo experience as whole.

Not only they were fun to play, just like for any other casino games people realized the potential of making good money. Today, an increasing number of people seem to be interested in this hybrid. The new notoriety propelled Bingo Slots into becoming one of the main attractions in online and offline casinos.

On a structural level, there is not a big difference when comparing Bingo slots, and regular slot machines. Many renowned software providers such Novoline/Greentube, Playtech, or Microgaming developed they own versions of hybrid games. With obviously the spin off of the mythical Gaminator Book of Ra Classic (Book of Ra Bingo) being the hottest and most popular in the category. This variant offers a great alternative to Bingo players who can win extra slots money while staying true to their favorite game.

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