Online Casino Guide: How To Constantly Win in Novoline Casinos

In this short and comprehensive online casino gambling guide, will walk you through the most important aspects and basic notions you should know about gambling in casinos online.  Like for everything thing in life that deals with emotions, there are many players around the world who would carelessly spend all their hard-earned money on a machine without really thinking.

The real questions we are asking today are: Are you a responsible gambler? or are you also one of those careless players? If so, we can already imply that you are certainly losing lots of money on your bests, or you are most likely not winning as much cash as you should be doing. In order to be successful in gambling, whether online or in offline casinos, you should be aware of these 3 main factors about successful gambling which are:

  • Your Money management
  • The Value at stake 
  • and Knowledge of the game

These 3 simple factors will completely transform you, from an average player, to a professional gambler with of course a better turn over in terms of winning consistency, and skills in the games. The following article will try to explain each one of these crucial areas, to help you improve your gambling skills in a drastic manner.

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Money Management: Be in control of your playing budget and know when to stop!

Money Management Be in control of your playing budget and know when to stopLooking at stats from sources running surveys and collecting data on online casino around the web, it’s quite incredible to see the number of people gambling online without prior analysis, strategies, or proper money management plan. Like for traveling, most successful trips must be planned in advance, have a meticulously calculated budget according to certain criteria and needs. Would you go on a trip without planning your expenses? I guess not. Because, otherwise it would be a total case of recklessness that could turn out to be very costly.

Before you start playing online, whether it’s Roulette, Blackjack or Online Slots, here’s a small list of the 5 goals you will need to define before head:

  1. What is your total budget for this specific session?
  2. What is the minimum profit amount, once reached I will feel comfortable enough to bail out?
  3. Are you willing to bet to your last cent? or you plan on stopping once you are down to a certain number?
  4. Are you going to devote the whole budget to one game only? Ex: Playing all on Book of Ra online
  5. What should be your average bet while playing?

Putting in place a real playing strategy and an organized plan as we saw above, will help you play efficiently, and hopefully increase your chances of winning a lot of money.

The value: knowing the value of what is at stake is crucial!

The value knowing the value of what is at stake is crucialTo be 100 percent honest, in most cases, many people gamble with the hope of earning quick money, or even making a fortune by winning a jackpot in progressive slots such as the Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot Edition. But, as mentioned above, feelings and emotions get usually involved. Sometimes, players find themselves stuck gambling on a specific machine with little or no chances of wining because of an emotional attachment. This type of situation is the perfect recipe for a disastrous experience.

That’s why, knowing the value of the product or machine you are placing your valuable bets on should be among your first priorities. For those who play slots, you should read our article about slot machine volatility and payout rates, to get a clear overview of the inner workings of slots, and how the profits are redistributed to players.

There are many online casino games with low return values, such as:

  1. Roulette, which has a huge house advantage on average.
  2. The Caribbean Stud Poker
  3. Or certain variants of Blackjack.

There is no mandatory quota or guideline on when and how you should play low value games, but its recommended to play these titles with great moderation unless you are fully in control of the risks, your strategies or personal skills to secure recurring winnings.

Knowledge: As much as gambling is a game of luck, a deep knowledge of the game will certainly be a great push for your luck!

Knowledge As much as gambling is a game of luck, a deep knowledge will certainly be a great push for your luckThere is an old saying which claims that “Knowledge is the key to success”. In online casino gambling, it is indeed the case for more than 99% of the successes stories. A deep understanding of the game’s rules and the raw knowledge of the surroundings is the key factor that makes the difference between one time winners and skilled players who accumulate profits over and over again. Before you decide to wager on a product, the least you should do, is to know as much information as possible about the product in question.

To become a Guru and master your gaming skills, you should study you subject (Game) closely, learn the tricks, strategies, cheats, tips from experienced players or renowned publishers such as

Here is a few quick and free tactics to use in order to gain knowledge:

  1. Google search the game in question. By simply typing in the name, you will be prompted with several suggestions, and articles with topics related to the game including popular searches such as: how to play? What is the best strategy to win? And how to find the best online casino for the game?
  2. Read your sources carefully and continue your research on the game until you acquire enough knowledge on the matter.
  3. The third step would be to find the perfect online casino that offers demo version. Register and login to practice everything thing that you have learn until you feel comfortable enough to play for real money.


By working hard to improve your personal experience, knowledge, and self-control, your gambling abilities and skills will grow exponentially along with your chances of winning real money on more than one occasion. Playing with the knowledge of the surroundings and values at stake will boost your confidence as a player and increase the fun factor in the games.

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