Online Sports Betting Guide and Strategies: FIFA World Cup 2018

As the world’s heart is beating to the rhythm of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, many people are looking forward not only to enjoy the spectacle in the games, but also for an ease and convenient way to win few coins. Online sports betting is the perfect outlet to accomplish this urge. Sportsbooks, Online Casinos or Bookies as called in certain Countries have granted an easy access to whomever has access to the internet an excellent opportunity place wagers on current and future sports events across the world. And all bets can be placed almost in real time during daytime or in the night.

Online Sports Betting Brands of the Moment:

How to bet on sports events via the internet?

There are many ways to place wagers. Bets can be placed on games scheduled to be played on the same day or the days to come. You may put down your cash on a game using the money line, the point spread, the under/over bets, or a combination of several wagering types. The above types of popular bets are the most common and can be placed of top sports categories such as Football (World Cup, Champion’s league, Euro Cup, African cup of nations), Baseball, Basketball, American Football and so on.

For sports such as Hockey or baseball, you will be surprised to know that the most popular kind of bet is the money line, or also the combination of both the money line and point spread sports betting systems. Each type of bets as a special name in each sport category. For example, the combination of the money line and point spread is called the run line in baseball, while the same wagering tactic is referred to as the puck line in hockey betting.

While looking for a simple strategy to guide you through your online betting experience, you can use some these basic wagering systems when you place your bets. Beyond the betting types mentioned above, there are many other ways to place bets on games. One the most popular system among alternative betting strategies is the parlay. When betting with the parlay, you are allowed to increase or decrease your profit margin at any moment and at your own risk.

Most popular Betting Types: Definition and Examples

  • Point Spread: In the point spread, the favorite team (most likely to win) has less points than the opposing (weaker team). The Point spread is mostly used when betting on Football or Basketball games such as the NBA Finals and the World Cup.
  • Money Line: For the money line, a bet is placed (mostly in hockey or baseball) you are putting dough on your chosen team regardless of the point spread (points attributed to one team according their chances of winning over the opponent). Most people favor this type of betting for the simple reason that, betting on the team that is most likely to lose is cheaper and has a much lucrative payoff in case of a win.
  • Over/Under: When placing over or under bets, you are actually wagering on the total number of points (goals in the game) that will be scored during the game.  This kind of bets requires a good analysis and understanding of each team’s capabilities, weakness, and its current form.
  • Parlay: With the Parley method, you can combine 2 or methods at the same time, while increasing your wining changes at the same time. This betting tactic gives the highest payoff of all methods. You make a bigger profit from the same investment.

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