Online Casino Payment Methods: The Pros and Cons

Every online casino player need to think about what payment methods he can use at the casino at some point. Because, after playing for so long for in the demo mode you may feel ready to make the big jump and play with real money to win profits that you can withdraw.

Since there are now so many different deposit and withdrawal methods, we want to help you with this online casino payment methods guide, to find the right fit for your deposit method in your casino. For each method, there are many advantages and disadvantages (pros & Cons). Here is our input on some of the most important and popular payment methods used in casinos today.

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What is considered a good Casino Deposit Security?

book of ra payment method securityBefore going through the process of making your deposit online, the first thing that comes to the mind is security. From our point of view, security on online casino deposits is clearly the most important detail in the assessment of payment methods. Therefore, we want to point out, that it is recommended to make your payments in online casinos only over secure Internet connections. And that goes for every type of deposit methods you would want to use.

There are several quick indicators for a secure casino deposit processor. Before making your payments, you can quickly check the URL of the website if you can see the mention Secure (protected and secure Internet Protocol in the address bar in the browser) right next to the beginning of the URL. Additionally, on all protected Internet connection and you can see the following combination of letters at the beginning of the URL like these: https:// with a small, additional "s" at the end (and not just http://) before the address.

e-wallet safety payment method

If you look at URL of the current page on which you are reading this information, you will notice all the indications above. If a payment processor does not offer any such protection from hackers, we would advise you to look elsewhere for a more secure brand. Fortunately, all reputable online casinos on the Internet today offer this kind of minimal protection on the Internet today offer this kind of minimal protection. The recommended casinos found on our site, have all been tested numerously in different situations, and with different types of payment methods and we have never experienced any problems.

Another important tip for new players who want to claim a profitable casino bonus, is to check if the selected payment method is allowed in the bonus conditions. Because, unfortunately, some payment methods may be excluded from activating a specific bonus, or it might be as well that the bonus is offered exclusively to a category of players who use scratch cards like (Paysafecard). It is also important to use only valid information when creating your account at the casino, to avoid a conflict or ban issues if the information in the account differs from those of the payment method.

Such a case can cause the account to get blocked and the winning canceled for suspicions of identity theft or security threat. The best tip for safe Casino deposits is to play only in State-approved and reputable casinos. Read our Casino reviews carefully before your registration and check the casino’s license before making a deposit. This is done on most providers by simply clicking on the logo of the Gambling license, which can be found on the Casino Web site most of the time at the bottom.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

anonymous payments with bitcoin Another option to consider is the usage of cryptocurrencies such as the Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or, the conventional Bitcoin for your payments in online casinos. Such now forms of payment options has become very popular in the recent years, due to the cryptocurrencies boom ,and the growing interests in Bitcoin by the General public. Casino brands such 1xBit Casino is one of the few provider to feature more than 10 different crypto coins in the cashier, both for anonymous deposits and withdrawals.

What are the pros and cons of the Credit Cards Payment Method?

credit card payment method book of raPlayers who use credit cards as a payment option for online casinos can enjoy a fast and effective deposit in case of a successful transaction. The processing speed for this type of deposit is a good argument for this payment method. Moreover, it is indeed very simple to learn how to use a credit card online. You must only enter the card number, the expiration date, your name and the three verification digits on the back, and just like that you can start to playing your favorite game, whether it’s for:

Another advantage of credit card payments is that many cards reward their owners with valuable airline miles or other bonus programs for the usage. One of the main disadvantages for credit cards is that not every person just gets a credit card from the Bank. Because sometimes low incomes accounts or poor credit card applications at the Bank are sometimes rejected. A good workaround tip is to simply use prepaid credit cards. Obtainable from many banks and also today with online payment service providers, you can set up a prepaid card a make a purchase within few minutes.

Bank Transfer and Direct Debit payments

wire transfer payment methodBank Transfers and the Direct debit transfers from a normal bank account are also among the most popular forms of payment on the Internet. The safety of this type of deposit is guaranteed by the banks and because it is considered the same as any other wire transfers. Often, for a direct debit payment, the amount deposited may be required back by the payer. Most casinos want to protect unauthorized recovery of already paid money and therefore don’t accept direct debit payments.

This payment method is often the favorite when it comes to withdrawing the gained money. Wire transfers play a major role because many players choose to cash out their winnings directly to their bank account. One of the disadvantages of bank transfers is the duration of the processing period. Because normal bank transfers take around two to four business days, the payment system " Immediate transfer" is becoming more popular.

The deposited money is made available immediately using an immediate payment system (IMPS) to process the wire from one bank to another. Once more for this payment method, using the correct info and making sure current online banking access data and the important and secret codes, which you can use to perform your transfers are all valid.

How to use Skrill and NETeller for Online Casino deposits?

skrill neteller casino payment methodSkrill and NeTeller were both among some the most used and favorite electronic wallets on the net. The 2 virtual payment methods were for a long time bitter rivals for many years. But now both service providers joined forces to create a stronger group and further optimize their business objectives. Both are payment service providers where you need to create a virtual account that will be then used to make your deposits to online casinos or just perform a simple purchase. Options available through mobile phones as well.

This account can be refilled with the help of many different deposit types. In addition, these providers offer real prepaid credit cards (as the net + Prepaid MasterCard by NETeller), which can be used also for the local shopping in the store or withdrawals at the ATM. One the biggest advantage for this payment service is the fact that it is very widespread. Because almost all casinos have Skrill and Neteller deposit as deposit options. Another advantage is the security.Because someone who’s afraid to provide sensitive credit card or bank account details on the Internet can protect its credit card numbers and data with the help of such payment service providers. But one disadvantage is that such payment services charge small commissions and remove a percentage of the transferred sums for their services.

What are the advantages of using the Paysafecard Payment Method?

paysafecard payment methodUsing Paysafecard is a very practical way of making your deposit online. Prepaid Paysafecard cards can be purchased on the Internet or in a variety of retail places like gas stations, kiosks, at the post office or the grocery store. The Paysafecard is very suitable for smaller deposits because the security aspect of the payment is very obvious and the card is easily accessible to all people.

To be able to purchase higher value cards, you must first register on the company’s website. Because without a registration, a maximum card value limit is applied per month and year under the restriction imposed by the money-laundering laws. The card value starts from 5, 10, 20 and goes all the way up to 250€. Among some of the most common payment options found in online casinos, Paysafecard is definitely the top broadly used after the credit cards and Neteller for average customers. For a quick and safe deposit, we recommend Paysafecard as your first choice.

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Why is PayPal the best payment method for online casinos?

paypal casino payment methodPayPal is certainly still a top payment method option for online casinos on the internet. As an ex associate to one of the biggest online retail store eBay payment system, PayPal enjoys of its great popularity and customer satisfaction. That's why there are slowly more online casinos that accept PayPal payments. Unfortunately, PayPal is still not available in all online casinos as a payment system.

That's why PayPal is unfortunately still a certain niche in the casino business market. Nevertheless, we observe with great pleasure, a growing trend in new casinos concluding contracts with PayPal and start accepting the virtual payment service provider. In our online casino reviews, you can always check the respective payment methods accepted by the brands and see which of the above methods suits you the best. With millions of online transactions being conducted on a daily basis by Paypal account holders, not offering this payment method for any business established online can be a reason for a dramatic shortfall.


As an online casino player, it is essential to choose wisely the best payment methods that suit your security standards and budget before making a deposit on an online casino. This awareness helps you better manage your personal funds and distinguish between your normal account movements and your casino venture capital.

Using eWallets or Paysafecard, is indeed easier to keep track of his casino deposits, winnings and even monthly limits for entertainment time spent in front of a slot machine like Book of Maya. Because Paysafecard is particularly easy to use, and is available to all and is widely accepted by almost all casinos, the Paysafecard is our personal favorite payment method for casinos with Book of Ra.

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