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The history of slot games and gambling machines have been the subject of a considerable development from the early beginnings of the then called one-armed bandit machine in the Wild West, to today's modern and advanced video slots and 3 dimension slots. This wide variety of slot category types, themes, game rules, and characteristics can be very confusing to the point of being compared to a riddle or a quiz by certain players who are unfamiliar with the game.

We felt the need to put together a trivia game where players would have to answer some questions related to Book of Ra, As once said by a wise online player, “There is no better method for learning the ins and outs of a game than by playing a little Book of Ra Quiz mini-game”.

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What are the benefits of playing the Book of Ra Quiz?

Book of Ra QuizThis learning strategy has been proven to be very effective for all topics, not only in casinos trivia. This effectiveness applies to the types of quiz games which require the player, to focus on trying to answer questions about specific game rules, bonus conditions, game manufacturers or other questions. All while being pressured by the constraint of time or fear of failing to provide the correct answer to the book of ra quiz questions.

Nowadays, many online casinos offer hundreds of different games and slot machines in their portfolios. Most of these games are different from each other by themes, genre, category, special features and tastes, all for the satisfaction of online players and their personal tastes.

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Why you should know everything about Book of Ra?

There is an enormous selection of games on the internet today in 2017, each one created by a different casino software provider such as Novoline, Netent, or Microgaming which are counted among industry giants to name a few. Each game has its own characteristics and follows distinct rule sets, has a specific number of reels, different winning symbols and characters, a set number of paylines, and several rows on each slot reel.

All this information can be at times very confusing for some beginner as well as professional players asking themselves the question “how to play Book of Ra online”. It is for these above reasons that the publication team at decided to create a set of trivia questions and answers about the game Book of Ra in the interactive infographic mini quiz game featured above on this page.

Why you should pick the correct slot machine type?

As the golden rule, all casino slot machines have in common the fact that, their prime purpose is to offer an entertaining experience to players, as well as provide fair chances of winning lots of money from a very small investment (deposit). Depending of course on the category of the game itself.

While some slots may still have an archaic look and design, many one-armed bandit machines and developed into real video or computer games, with immersive experiences, guaranteed to captivate any casino games lover in search of authentic thrills and pure fun.

Why you should play the Book of Ra Quiz?

Many slot machine makers have also adopted popular themes or characters from movies, novels, Egyptian mythologies, and television to develop branded slot machines, for example, Book of Dead, Book of Ra Deluxe, Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot Edition, The Dark Knight Rises. When picking a game, it is important to pay attention to the several aspects of the game which can determine or even influence the outcome of your experience while playing.

Some of these must-know aspects a player should consider before starting the game are The number of paylines, the number of rows, the number of reels, the scatter symbol, the wildcard symbol, the bonus round and so on. Knowing these special characteristics can help you to determine if the given game is suitable to your taste and preferences in the first place, and also help you set up a deposit budget, choose payment methods, or pick a specific strategy to use during the game.


Whether you are a beginner player looking to discover the Book of Ra slot for the first time, or a professional and high roller player accustomed to playing complicated games with high-stakes and difficult to understand rules. This Book of Ra Q&A (questions and answers) quiz game is guaranteed to be a lot of fun, combined with an entertaining way of learning, and refresh your knowledge about this mythical slot machine. Prove your knowledge by taking on the trivia and confirm your status as the game master and the guy to go to, when it comes to answering any kind of quiz questions and information about the game itself and online casino with Book of Ra.

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