Novomatic Slots Volatility – High or Low frequency machine?

What if we were to tell you the hazard of luck doesn’t exist in slot machines? And that slot machines are not rigged to make you lose all your money. You surely would have a tough time believing because, according to a recent search by industry experts, no matter the situation you can only be sure at 40% maximum that slot machines are not duped. In fact, the fairness of slot machines is determined by the volatility and the payout rate of the software behind the game.

The payout rate of a slot machine is the key factor determining the percentage of gains that will be redistributed to players. While the volatility of a machine on the other hand determines the frequency with which the machine gives back some of the collected bets. These two factors concern every slot machine commercialized online and in land based casinos including Book of Ra. In this article, we will dig deep into the concept and review the Novomatic slots volatility topic, to help you become an expert in the field.

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The uncertainty of slot machines, as lived by players.

book of ra deluxe jackpot edition volatilityWhen online casino players start indulging the sweet pleasures of slot machines, whether online or in land based establishments, they quickly come to realize a clear fact. Certain slots pay more often while others, a little too greedy, have a tendency of holding back gains for longer periods when it comes to the redistribution of the gains. This odd factor causes players to ask themselves some questions: Why is it that, certain slots tend to be more generous than others?

Concretely, if luck is one of the most decisive aspects of gambling, there obviously must be some other criteria pulling the strings behind the scenes to determine the outcome of the machines. Those unknown factors (for some inexperienced players and beginners), are the reasons why you would or wouldn’t be able to crack all 4 Jackpots on Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot Edition, to limit the damages, or at least win your corresponding deposit amount for the luckiest ones.

Novomatic Slots Volatility: A concept you must know!

book of ra online volatilityThe one criteria that will influence every aspect of gambling sessions in slot machines is what they call volatility in casino gambling jargon. Coming from a rather poetic term ( a term that has its sources in stock market jargons, where it is used to describe the significant fluctuation between very low values and very high values) on which depends the regularity of the gains and losses by the player. In other words, the volatility is the difference in the frequency in which you win in games like Book of Ra or other slots.

This frequency governs the rate at which winning combinations appear on slot machine reels, and produces gains in favor of the player. When a machine gives back ridiculous of non-insignificant gain for a very long time, then suddenly pays out a huge win, it is considered as high volatility slot. On the contrary, when a slot distributes small amount of gains and in a considerably brief period, it’s considered in that case as a low volatility slot. These high and low payout frequencies, make up the 2 biggest families of slot machines in terms of redistribution of gains during the game.

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Volatile Machines: It’s either all or almost nothing!

When betting on a very volatile slot machine, players tend to play long sessions (or literally cross the desert of desolation with no gains) while betting an enormous amount of money in a loss circle... or he can in different circumstances, win dazzling or stunning gains in a very short period. A real win all or lose everything situation!

In the case of a machine with low volatility, players will be guaranteed to make small and consistent gains in a regular manner: The latest case can help limit losses during the gambling session or even earn a little money than initially deposited in one of the several Novoline casinos with Book of Ra slot. And this, even there is almost no chances to cash the jackpot, with these low payouts. In this case it’s a lose small or earn small situation!

Fortunately, for amateurs of slot machines, there are games that fall right between these two extreme payout frequency systems. Choosing a machine with average volatility, they won’t have to pick between "winning big, but no so often, and winning regularly but in small amounts along the session.

The different levels of volatility in slot machines

While choosing your slot machine for a gambling session, you will usually come across diverse types of volatility, which usually amounts to the following three main categories:

  • Level 1 - high volatility: Generally, slot enthusiasts and avid players (professional and passionate) love this type of slot machines. They prefer spinning the reels of a highly volatile game for a while without paying much attentions to winnings, in hopes of rejoicing when the machine decides to pay out a huge gain: this type of machines are, according to some players, the most exciting of all slots families. Guaranteed to send the adrenaline rushing in your blood! Examples? Gonzo's Quest and Merlin's Millions.
  • Level 2 - Games with average volatility:  These games are the most popular among players across the European market, on virtual online casinos or land based. These slot machines are known for reward players quite frequently. Examples: Book of Ra Deluxe and Book of Ra Deluxe 6.
  • Level 3 - low volatility games: The one thing to take for granted while playing in this category of slots is that these types of slots won’t turn you into the richest man in the world, but will keep a smile on your face for a longer period. Low volatility games pay "small" earnings in regular frequency. You may be asking by now: what is the interest in playing such games? The answer is that, for wise gamblers who usually play slot machines with casino bonuses, take advantage of low volatility machines to fulfill the terms and conditions of welcome bonuses or other reload bonuses. Examples: Immortal Romance, Megadeth.

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How to detect the volatility of Novoline slot machines?

book of ra deluxe volatilitySometimes (but very rarely), game providers like Novoline software specify the necessary information on the volatility of the machine in the game’s info tab or release notice. But, unfortunately, most of the time, you must look at the winnings table to understand the volatility of an online slot. An extra effort that could make a difference between playing with knowledge of the game's volatility details, combine with tricks and tips for slots, or play completely blind.

The ultimate reference or key factor to check is the payment (profits) rewarded for landing the complete combination of the highest paying symbol on a payline (this factor obviously fluctuates depending on the machine). All you need to do is, to observe the symbol with the highest payment and the symbol with the lowest payment. In most cases, it is the amplitude and variance of payments rewarded between the highest value and the lowest value that will give an indication of the volatility of the game.

Here is a list of games, sorted in an ascending order by volatility value. in brackets, the variance or disparity between gains rewarded for the highest paying symbol and gains rewarded for the least generous symbol. the first games on the list being of low volatility and the last ones of high volatility:

  1. Sugar pop (16)
  2. Dracula (160)
  3. Jack Hammer 2 (485)
  4. Tornado farm escape (640)
  5. Aliens (970)
  6. Gonzo’s Quest (2 450)
  7. Dead or Alive (2 475)
  8. Golden gorilla (4 925)
  9. Blood suckers (7 425)
  10. Monster bash (8 900)

Infographic: What is a Payline in Slot Machine?

book of ra - slot machines payline definition

Volatile machines or non-volatile machines?

book of ra volatility gainsAt the end of the day, it all depends on what type of experience you are looking for as a player. Those who are after adrenaline rushes (and thus take higher risks) will naturally lean toward highly volatile slot machines. This category of games can sometimes distribute a considerable amount of money (profits), which is sometimes equivalent to those won on progressive jackpot slots. A fact that may seem odd, but not uncommon to see on a fixed jackpots machines. Players can win 25 000, 75 000 or 100 000 coins or even more at times. Obviously with the risk of losing enormously for a long period without ever making significant gains, simply because there is no such thing as a half measure with this type of machines.

On the other hand, players who prefer the comfort of long playing sessions and the "beauty of the game" without having in mind the jackpot as the ultimate target to win. And players who would rather make the most out of their deposit by limiting their losses or prolonging the fun and pleasures of online gambling. Slot machines with low volatility is a perfect choice. Unfortunately, even with a more frequent rate of payments, the fixed jackpot for such online slots is often capped at 5 000, or even 1 000 or 2 000 coins, leaving little to no hopes of becoming the next millionaire.

Finally, for those who can make concessions to feel comfortable and safe in the middle range, Novoline slot machines with average volatility seems to be the best option. They can play with hopes of cracking fixed jackpots, with maximum gains ranging between 5 000 and 10 000. The majority of titles in circulation in 2021, fall into this category. Simply because they count among the most popular games, and this mainly because of their moderate risk-taking aspect.


By reading all the way to this point on the page, you should by now understand the concept of volatility, Payout frequencyvariance,  and what determines the value of the gains in slot machines. If playing slots online without a minimal return on investment is not an option for you, then low volatility slots are made for you.

If, on the contrary, you are adrenaline-fueled and only consider playing to get a big win big or a jackpot (otherwise, what would be the point of betting?), then high volatility machines should be the prime choice for you. (Beware of losses).

As a final resort, if you are in between and your heart lays on a balance, a machine with an average volatility like Book of Ra should do the trick. But, no matter the volatility, it’s important to remember that, Luck is a key factor in gambling and plays a major role in the outcome of the spinning reels.

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