The History of Online Casinos: From 1990s to Bitcoin Casinos

Land-based casinos and other similar gambling facilities have been the center of interests for people in search of adrenaline rushes for many centuries. Whether in European Countries and the US (Nevada, Berlin, Monaco, Monte Carlo) or in the Asian content (Macau, Hong Kong), the annual growth and popularity of gambling of establishments offering games of luck has been in constant progress, despite the changes and setback in the legislation. In order to break free from all limitations and reach a larger audience, online casinos were introduced to the general public in the early 1990s. As a sensitive subject, the legislation and licenses in the online casino industry are often established  on Country levels despite the general laws and decrees imposed by international authority like the EU.

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Online Casinos: A new market with little to no limitations.

In its origin, land-based casinos were more intended for a rather wealthy audience. As the dress code and participation fees were often very expensive for the average household budget. So, it would be often considered as entertaining facilities where the elite of society would meet for recreational purposes. With the emergence of virtual casinos based entirely on the internet, Casino owners and promoters saw a unique opportunity to target a broader audience. The coming of online casinos introduced online gambling to every layer of the society, and therefore transforming the industry into a gigantic money turning business.

Today anyone with an internet connection and a modern device, Desktop Pc or Mobile phone can access and play games from almost any brand and software providers in the world. Of course, there are age limitations and laws regarding gambling varies by Country. The minimum age required to play online is 18+ and certain countries like Turkey, and the US (except for certain states) completely forbid online casino gambling. What seems like a trivial thing today, back in the 1990s, the act of spinning a slot machine reel from the comfort his office or home was a real revolutionary act in the early days of virtual betting. A simple act that is today taken to whole new level with the introduction of Novomatic Bitcoin Casinos.

Who are the pioneers in the market?

Since the beginning of the digital age in the History of online casinos, laws and legislation for products consumed directly online have always been a couple of steps behind. The biggest changes in society such as the global access to the internet for the average household, have been a big challenge for legislative authorities around the worldwide. The very first online casino launched on the internet was “Casino on Net” in 1990, brand today called 888.

The company behind 888 is today one of the biggest in the industry with activities in Sport betting, live casinos and many other sub niches. As a precursor in the casino software development industry, Microgaming was launched in 1994, then followed by Playtech. The number of games provided by either platform did not exceed 30, but today, the average brand features at least 200 titles or more.

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