What is the highest paying online casino games?

Why do we play online casino games?

As simple and direct as the question might look, it’s often subject to a wide range of answers. Many would say that they are drown by the entertaining factor and a fun, while other would claim to find a sense of satisfaction and adrenaline rushes when playing. While most of the above vague reason may be accurate, there is no denying that most people simple play online casino games to win some quick and relatively easy cash.

However, winning money online is not always as easy it sounds, in part because of the many factors and in play. Among those deterministic factors, we can single few elements that can make a difference when it comes to what? or how much money can be won.

  • Types of game
  • Payout rate
  • Volatility
  • Single or multi player game
  • Strategy game or pure luck

A classic example to demonstrate the disparity between the game categories, would be to try out an experiment on Slot machines and roulette games at the same time. With 30 minutes to play, a slot player would hardly reach a 1000 Euros mark in profits, unless he hits the jackpot, while someone spending the same amount of time or even less on a roulette table can easily make thousands of dollars. Likewise, it would take less time to lose 1000 Euros while playing roulette, than 10 Euros on a slot machines.

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So, what would be the best choice?

To maximize the chances of success, it really comes down to the very first choice made by the player when choosing the game. The trick to maximizing profits is to pick the right type of game before putting any money. Games with very high payout rates will obviously pay out more money in a shorter period. Even with a minimum investment as initial deposit fund. However, personal skills, knowledge of the rules and a clear strategy are required for these kind of games.

Varying from one platform to the other, the most lucrative and high paying casino games are video poker and blackjack. Unlike for slot machines such as the Book of Ra classic, blackjack and video poker require an extreme concentration, experience, and practical skills to achieve large profits.

The Game of Blackjack:

Depending mostly on the in-house rules, playing blackjack can be very rewarding if played with wisdom and strategy. The supremacy of blackjack as the highest paying game have been proven many times. There are many variations of blackjack. Still as lucrative as the next one, each variant played with different rules such as the number of cards in the deck, splitting and doubling bets.

It is recommended to check the odds of the table before playing in online casinos, to make sure the odds are in the player’s favor. Unfortunately, not every player is natural born blackjack ace. But putting a little effort into learning can be decisive at times.

There are many free softwares and simulator tools that could be used to practice. Also, numerous Black jack books and pamphlets are available both online and in local gaming stores. The author of these books are mainly real players, who have amassed a large amount of money on the game over the years of experience.

Video Poker:

Video poker is another good example of a casino game that has a reputation for giving out high profits. Like for its counterpart (blackjack), there are many versions of Video poker and some of the rules differ from one casino to another. A quick check of the table distribution, payout and best variant available at the casino is necessary before starting.

Under the right circumstances, the average machine has a return percentage close to 100%. It’s important to mention that, Video poker is not a game of luck, despite its similarity to slot machines. It requires skills and a lot of practice to perfect a strategy. A strategy that can be used later to tilt the game’s outcome to one’s benefit.


Like for most casino games, a basic understanding of the rules and useful skills will be necessary to make a difference during the game. Above the pure satisfaction and enjoyment felt while playing, online casino games can be legitimate sources of cash. With a little effort and hard work, enormous profits can be achieved when playing the right category of games.

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